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What We Do



Engagements have ranged from an hour to over three and a half years. Engagement structures are flexible and include time and materials, retainer and fixed price. The first phone consultation is free.


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Publications & Custom Reports

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Sample Of Past Consulting Engagements

Fellowes Research has undertaken service-parts related projects for over 25 firms. In most cases, disclosing these firms’ names is not contractually allowed – so none are provided at this time on the website. The following is a sample of representative engagements.

Collision Parts eCommerce – U.S.

Building a financial forecast and ROI for entering the collision parts eCommerce solution market and aiding in the solution design

Study of shop interest in individual new potential functionality – via onsite shop visits

Wholesale Mechanical Parts eCommerce – North America

Developed ‘all-makes’ strategy and led implementation planning (including arranging data source)

Led planning to improve established mechanical parts eCommerce with individual OEM’s parts catalog and vehicle data

Next Generation OEM Parts Catalog - North America

Advised automaker and truck-maker on next-generation of their parts catalogs – focusing on enhanced capabilities

Dealer Parts Inventory Optimized Stocking - Global

Documented range of options for implementing an automated stock replenishment ordering solution

Boosting EPC use in Dealers’ Service Departments

Study of adding EPC occurrences into dealership service bays via onsite interviews with high service volume dealers

Parts Locator – North America

Advised firms on starting a parts locator – the challenges and dependencies as well as the market’s key characteristics

Wholesale Collision Parts eCommerce – China

Presented distinct collision repair parts procurement business models and approaches by country / region.

Guided week-long workshop participants in defining optimal business models for their unique needs and implementation capabilities

Making EPC more usable by Shops and Consumers – Europe

Simplified catalog navigation

Greater use of visual cues

Improved Search

Identification of New Opportunities

Client-specific collaborative efforts to identify and plan for growth opportunities

Educational Workshops - Knowledge Transfer

Best practices for dealership Parts Department automation

Introduction to digital solutions for service-parts for new associates

Deep-dives into specific service-parts solutions for client project teams