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EPCs: OEM Illustrated Electronic Parts Catalogs

Of all service-parts solutions, EPCs likely have the largest TAM – $100 million per year from car and light truck dealerships in the U.S. and Canada alone.  

EPCs are an essential tool for dealers selling OEM parts – with near-universal market penetration – performing the task of precisely identifying part numbers to be used in repair in maintenance of specific vehicles. The market for EPCs is potentially lucrative but complexities – revealed and explained here – often block success.

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Service-Parts Solutions for Dealerships: Overview by Category

This post is an introduction to digital solutions for OEM service-parts in use by franchised dealerships – the first in a series describing the market for service-parts solutions.   The variety and complexity of digital parts solutions is high compared to the size of the market – surprisingly, this is the first (and to date only) freely available comprehensive survey of service-parts solutions. The market is experiencing significant growth and rising interest (due in part to the recent valuation of a pure-play firm in this space at over $1B). The challenge to understanding the market is amplified by the multitude of natural market segments for service-parts solutions – it’s far from one homogenous market.

This post covers 15 solution sets – a set may contain multiple distinct solution types (i.e., the parts eCommerce set covers several solution types including portal, eStore …) or a single solution type.

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