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This section of the Fellowes Research website provides convenient access to a selection of articles and presentations authored by Ted Fellowes and available to the public at no charge. This includes articles published by the trade press, presentations and (soon) webinar recordings that are available without restriction on the Internet. It also includes a complete archive of Fellowes Research newsletters (coming soon).

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Sample Articles from FixedOps Magazine:

From 2012 through 2017, Ted wrote dozens of articles for the leading trade magazine focused on Parts and Service (FixedOps Magazine). Below is a small sample of the more popular articles.

GM Advances Real-Time Parts Pricing. 2015 July/August.

GM pioneered real-time (potentially dynamic pricing) of nearly 100,000 of its service-parts, disrupting AM competitors and requiring changes to both dealership and shop systems. GM provided Fellowes with full access to it’s executives to fully document this innovative imitative with goal of getting the message out to diverse communities within the collision-repair service-parts sector. Postscript: since this article was written, Ford has implemented the same program (using the same technology provider - OEConnection).

The Connected Car and Vehicle Repair. 2015 November/December.

IoT (the Internet of Things) is on-track to revolutionize service repair and the digital solutions used by OEMs and their dealers.

NADA 2017 Exhibitors - Service & Parts Solutions (part 1 of 2). 2017 March/April.

The National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA) 100th exposition was held in early 2017. This and the next article report on the interesting and innovative exhibits.

NADA 2017 Exhibitors - Service & Parts Solutions (Part 2 of 2). 2017 May/June.

Other Sample Articles:

Mining In-Channel Inventory for Service Parts Back-Order Gold

Ford and GM succeed in leveraging their dealer network’s extensive inventories of service-parts to boost vehicle-owner satisfaction, lower costs for themselves and dealers, lower the risks of falling foul of ‘Lemon Law’ penalties as well as boosting parts sales.

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